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    Housing units per acre(1)
    People per acre(2)
    Jobs per acre(3)
    Activity density (housing + jobs per acre)(4)
    Jobs per household(5)
    Workers per job equilibrium index(6)
    Land use diversity(7)
    Total road network density(8)
    High-speed road network density(9)
    Street intersection density(10)
    Distance to transit (meters)(11)
    Percentage of jobs within 0.25 miles of fixed-guideway transit(12)
    Percentage of jobs within 0.5 miles of fixed-guideway transit(13)
    Transit service frequency(14)
    Transit service frequency per square mile(15)
    Jobs within a 45 min. transit ride (weighted)(16)
    Jobs within a 45 min. drive (weighted)(17)
    Working-age population within a 45 min. transit ride (weighted)(18)
    Working-age population within a 45 min. drive (weighted)(19)
    Accessibility index - Transit to jobs(20)
    Accessibility index - Auto to jobs(21)
    Accessibility Index - Transit to working-age population(22)
    Accessibility Index - Auto to working-age population(23)
    Total employment(24)
    Low income workers (home location)(25)
    Low income workers (workplace location)(26)
    Percent low income workers (home location)(27)
    Percent low income workers (workplace location)(28)
    Zero car households(29)
    Zero car households as a percentage of all households(30)
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